AGS offers a vast array of Extra Curricular Activities (ECA’S) designed to enrich student learning, encourage creativity, broaden horizons and develop additional skills. These can either be an activity led by a teacher or qualified staff member and will usually run immediately after the end of the academic timetable day, or an activity run by a qualified and approved external organization or coach.

Internal Activities

External Activities

Sports Activities

These activities often offer ECA sessions well beyond the end of the school day and provide many additional opportunities for skills development in a wide range of subjects and disciplines. There is usually an additional charge made by these external providers.

Attending ECA’s are a great way of extending the school day and supporting families in their daily arrangements. Better still they provide additional learning opportunities, often in subjects and activities not on the academic school timetable. It also allows opportunities for students with a keen interest in certain activities to gain further practice and hone their skills further.

All of our staff and our approved external activity providers are thoroughly vetted before they are able to offer any activity to our students to ensure they comply with our quality expectations and safety standards.

Details of the activities on offer to our students are published at the beginning of each term by our ECA coordinator.